ErgoBeads Keyboard Wrist Rest

Wrist Cushion for Keyboard is filled with massaging ergoBeads®, making for the most comfortable ergonomic wrist support available. The unique design conforms to your keyboard, while completely supporting your wrist and forearm in an ergonomically correct position, reducing stress in your hands, wrists and arms.

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Ergo Beads Keyboard Wrist Rest Beads-keyboard

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Ergo Beads Mouse Wrist Rest
Ergo Beads Mouse Wrist Rest

Comfort mouse rest will not put pressure in your Carpal Tunnel. Can also use with a trackball.

Stress Ball

Stress reliever in a bean bag ball.

Relieve the discomfort in your neck, arms and hands immediately...order now and receive a FREE copy of "Computer Comfort Ergonomic Tips". Call 719-520-5009 with questions. products are tested and evaluated by a Certified Hand Therapist.






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