3M Renaissance Vertical Mousing!

Keep your wrist still and straight in a neutral forearm position while mousing!

Neutral wrist, neutral hand, no wrist or elbow injuries! The top button has a right and left button activated with your thumb.

Compatible with Windows 2000 (ME). This mouse is a univerisal mouse and user friendly to PS/2, USB or MAC.

Small/medium is the width of the large knuckles 3.5 inches or less. Large is a 3.5 inches or greater measurement.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

3M Renaissance Vertical Ergonomic Mouse EM500GPS/L

Suggested Retail Price: 85.00Our Price: 79.95Size:: 

Relieve the discomfort in your neck, arms and hands immediately...order now and receive a FREE copy of "Computer Comfort Ergonomic Tips". Call 719-520-5009 with questions.

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